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no one has any problem with this? (vo)and current tv creates the commentary that drives the truth. this is the new current tv. >> they don't call it super tuesday for nothing. in fact, the poll closed. they just closed in virginia, in vermont, and in georgia. later, in this hour, ohio.
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i tell you ohio is closing. it's closing. ok. so, lots of exciting things going on in this hour, obviously. and we will of course have the results for those first three states very soon, because it's very clear who's going to win but shh i can't tell you yet but i'll tell you in just a couple of moments. one of the biggest states in play is ohio. 66 delegates there. you know what else we've got in ho i how? the legendary current correspondent david shuster. what you are hearing? >> here at the ohio state building, excitement from the mitt romney campaign. they are watching the campaign tonight from massachusetts. his supporters here in ohio feel this is the mistake it that can essentially close this thing out for them. not mathematically, but in terms of the media narrative.
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they believe if they win ohio, maybe pull an upset in tennessee, some of the other states, they will be able to claim in a head-to-head matchup with rick santorum that they beat santorum in a state that is less evangelical less conservative than the other states. as far as closing out this nominating process in the minds of the voters, they may have to wait a little bit that ohio. the counties where you get the most republicans are in the suburbs. >> david? >> yes? >> hold that thought with that we have breaking news. we are calling georgia. georgia has been called. it's called for newt gingrich! it has been called for newt gingrich. he is the winner. we didn't see that coming, but all of a sudden, he won easily. no, we totally saw it coming. it's his home state, but it will be relevant how many delegates he wins. the amount he wins by will determine the delegates that he
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gets. some of them, will santorum be able to break the threshold to gain more? we will come back to that. meanwhile, david finish about cities that are going to be relevant in ohio. >> the largest cities in ohio, columbus, cincinnati and cleveland, there has been a plethora of republican votes that can be had had in the buckeye state. the problem romney and santorum have is those counties are notoriously slow to report. they may not know results until later in the evening. one other thing, you mentioned georgia and newt gingrich winning there. the strongest county in ohio is jackson county, he actually campaigned there. that is a place newt gingrich might be able to poach a couple of delegates because santorum is not eligible because of miscues
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in filing. the message tonight, the romney campaign extremely confident about their position going into this, and they believe that if they can win here in ho i how they can claim and turn around the media narrative and say mitt romney is going to win and pressure one of the others to get out tomorrow. >> ok, day right there. we're going to come back to you later in the program to talk more about ohio. of course, the ohio polls close at 7:30 eastern so that will happen in a little while, as well. let's go over to georgia. all right alicia dover is going to join us to talk about the 76 delegates up for grabs here. leash alicia, we heard the news, newt gingrich the winner.
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>> i think they've been expecting this. it's newt's hometown. he's been here campaigning very, very hard this week. really didn't go to any of the super tuesday states much. he made a stop in oklahoma and tennessee, but he's focused his efforts on georgia. >> all right. i hear they are a little excited about tennessee. any chance that they -- do they think they have any chance in tennessee? >> they're very hopeful about tennessee right now. you know, i think that that's probably the only other state where newt could do well, so i think right now, they're still holding out hope, and another state that they have been looking at is oklahoma but as of right now, it looks like that that's probably not going to turn out in his favor. >> alicia, one more question for you. why do you call him rocket newt. >> because of course, he, you know, wants to go to the moon, he wants to have a moon colony up there.
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today, he was actually campaigning at space camp in alabama, gave a speech in front of a lunar lander. he's rocket newt, what can we say? >> i hear you. i lied, one more question for you, alicia. is there any chance that newt is going to stay in this race even if he doesn't do well tonight overall out of spite for mitt romney. >> yes. as a matter of fact, i was speaking with his communications director earlier today and he told me that's actually a plan of theirs. even if they don't do well, their goal is to stay in the race and take delegates away from mitt romney. if he can't get all the delegates, it's going to end up after the convention. >> thank you. we appreciate it. now, you captain have a super tuesday without epic politics man. in fact, look at this. that is a special version of
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epic politics man for super tuesday, but i do want to apologize to mount rushmother. sorry about that. >> john paul's face naturally melds in. >> thank you for being here. michael, who do you expect to be the big winner tonight? >> i think the big winner, that's such a tough question to answer. this primary is no longer about delegates. the way it's gone, it's about perception. the perception game will be hurt for mitt romney if he is unable to win in ohio tonight. if he wins, then the perception of mitt romney as invincible as a winner i think is going to be bolstered and it's going to be very hard with newt winning in georgia, maybe tennessee santorum maybe tennessee, of course romney in virginia. i think we can practically call that, because it's just, you
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know, paul versus romney. i think the perception of romney is invincable there. however, you're not seeing any passion behind him still. you're not seeing him win big. he is eking victories out. i think it's going to be difficult for him to convince people. >> i got an update right now that mitt romney is apparently leading in virginia and vermont. i got news four, he's going to win those states, but we are not calling it yet. everybody stay cool, stay on the edge of your couch. you any of know what happens in vermont. it could be a 60-point win could be a 70-point win. we'll see. he's definitely going to win in vermont. here's another relevant state tennessee. gingrich has got momentum going in tennessee. talk to me about the relevance of it. [ laughter ] >> i'm excited today. talk to me about like if santorum wins, does it mean a
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lot, if gingrich wins does it mean more because he gets rejuvenated. if romney wins, is it over. >> you didn't ask me who is the big winner tonight. i always wanted to be asked that so i could say the biggest win are is the american people. no, it isn't. >> it might be, because they get to find out what a bunch of jokers these guys are. >> every time these guys vote, i think it's barack obama. tennessee it important. the late poll numbers were the most interesting, because they show obvious weakening of santorum who had a fairly sizeable lead that eroded. he is still leading, but those votes did not go the way they went in ohio. they didn't go to mitt romney. they instead went to newt gingrich, suggesting still that as we know and as we've said again and again as everyone has said, man, can mitt romney not close the deal, because no one
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has blown a lead more impressively than rick santorum, and blown momentum, an inability to be the front runner the nonsense talk about the social is. here in the state of tennessee that he was really poised to win, all of a sudden he is poised to win these three states, people have given up on rick son but won't go to mitt. i think that's the interesting story. >> we have more to cover. idaho, is ron paul going to win any states. >> what kind of a proctor process do we have when idaho that that many delegates. >> mike was talking about that before the show, what it does, apparently the states, some states give out more delegates later in the process. >> and some states were penalized for holding their primary. michigan was penalized.
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>> none theless, i hear you there's something wrong. >> the big state, tennessee, as well as ohio but when we come back, representative steve cohen from the great state of tennessee. we'll be right back. we want to have the latest results, analysis, and what it will mean for the winners and losers. join me in the war room.
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>> which. >> everybody is on pins and needles, which way will alaska go? the way sarah palin goes, so goes todd palin. maybe. one of the most important states is tennessee. something fascinating has been happening over the last couple of days. rick santorum who first started losing that lead to mitt romney, but all of a sudden here comes newt gingrich from behind, where you don't want him. latest set of polls, santorum still holds the lead when you look at the real clear politics
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advantage by that is a of polls. in some of the latest polls gingrich scores much higher. i want to bring in a representative from tennessee. how embarrassed will you be if understood gingrich wins your home state? >> that would be embarrass but it's the republican primary so you're not dealing with the typical average person from tennessee. >> i hear you. any site in terms of how this race is going. >> tennessee's become a red state. it's partially because of retirees who have moved to tennessee where there's no in come tax and partially just because of the influence of the bible belt which is so
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significant throughout the south but particularly through nashville and tennessee and what has been a bent for east tennessee for years. what i heard from today is romney will win the state. the more moderate part of the republican party, the liberal part of the republican party if there is such an animal, maybe an oxymoron, but they have been pushing romney. it's hard to push him up a hill. he's a heavy sled. he's got this dog attacked to his back in a create and he barks a lot. >> i think he's on top of the roof and leaking from the back from what i here. now an old story of how he drove up to canada with a dog on the roof.
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what's going on with mitt romney that he just cannot get any traction in the south. what is it most attributable to? >> the south likes somebody who is kind of natural and not necessarily a good old boy but somebody who can talk with you. bill clinton was perfect at it. people of the south like somebody to be personal. mitt romney is a little bit not -- he's not good at that. he's a little oafish. his rendition of davy crockett would not make you smile. that's the way he is. he's a prepie and they aren't going to do too good. my wife has two cadillacs. it's just not going to cut it in tennessee. >> i was hoping somebody would use oafish on the show.
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here's mitt romney projected winner in virginia, in the south, but only because newt gingrich and santorum did not make the ballot. it was romney versus paul and he managed to fend off ron paul and take the state. >> it would have been a really interesting race. >> if newt had been on the ballot it would have been a much more interesting race. >> rick santorum was vaulted to the front of polls because as soon as gingrich begins running again, has the name recognition it's not surprising to see. >> aren't you being a little
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kind? the country spoke and told him to stop running. he didn't say like i'm just going to take 30 days off because i want a vacation. he did poorly, was rejected by voters and forgotten about. >> if i was being kind to newt gingrich, it was not intended. congressman cohen, let me he ask you a question if i can about the amount of money that's being spent in tennessee right now. if we look at the expenditures in tennessee and ads that have been on the air, we can see and this is the graphic for our show, the anti santorum money poured into that state is 1,000,004 against rick santorum poured into your state by mitt romney. how do the people across tennessee react to that kind of thing? >> well, let me say this first. i didn't mention the fact that
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mitt romney's mormon and that has a big effect on his not going over in the south. there's no question about that. as far as the money goes, i don't see the national markets and i am from memphis which is almost a state unto itself, and it's a good state, but there were some mitt romney ads run in memphis, they were anti-santorum. there's a tea party factor an element that has taken over tennessee. the senate always had a majority of democrats when i was there, now there's about nine or 10 in the senate and after the next election probably six out of 33. it's been just a sea of change. most of them would vote for santorum. they've taken over the state and are taking over the party. gingrich as you said bellies up to tennessee in the east and he'll get spillover from his home state and some people will like his politics, as well about that you're going to see two
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thirds of the people not vote for mitt romney and that's what the problem, mitt romney cannot get a lot of people to vote for him. >> this is like winning the nit. if you have a chance to play the ncaa champion, you're not going to win. when he has to play against barack obama it's lights out like taking on all the other teams that finished second to ucla. >> as a life-long bruins fan there's no shame in the n.i.t. whatsoever. we're very excited about the n.i.t., the prospects are good that i think we can make the final eight. >> i think i just heard johnny wooden move. >> i think congressman cohen is a little more optimistic than i am. if they're in such different
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leagues and barack obama crushes whoever comes up in the primary that would be great, but i'm not as convinced as you are. congressman, stay with us, we'll come back to you a little later in the program. before i leave, i want to go back to that same tennessee chart. there's something amazing in that story. it goes to show you why gingrich is doing better in tennessee in my opinion, as well and to the power of money. all that money, look at that, more money is going to anti santorum ads than all the others combined. if you see there, there is no anti-gingrich ads and there is a substantial amount, $726,000 in pro gingrich ads. they get hit with pro gingrich and then a mountain of anti santorum spent by mitt romney's super pack. in the end, will you look at that? all of a sudden people are going i forget why i didn't like gingrich, i knew why i did like
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him. i remember why i didn't like santorum. doesn't that show the power of money. >> nobody forgets why they don't like newt gingrich. it shows the power of money. still, what congressman cohen is saying, what we've said all season long, it's still not getting mitt romney where he needs to be. >> i know, but normally, money puts it away right? and you're right that romney is such a visible candidate. he pores all of this money in and barely has a shot in a place like tennessee right, and he pores all this money in to be able to squeak it out in ohio or michigan. i agree with you that he's a horrible candidate in that sense, but he does have all this money. rick santorum couldn't get a -- you know, can't get some of the delegates in ohio, couldn't get on the blot in virginia, neither
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could newt gingrich because of the organization and others is money. people make it out like rick santorum is disorganized in public, no, it's because he doesn't have as much as mitt romney to hire all those people at the state level. >> it's also santorum's own performance. it was an organization that had rick santorum deliver a miserable debate performance and it wasn't a lack of money that has rick santorum going off and talking about contraception and talking about how the contraception is evil and being unable to respond to the stuff about the devil. that's all rick santorum not being able to stay on message and this sort of what was fun when he was in fifth and fourth place and saying i'm running this campaign by the seat of my pants. i'm not the big structure guy like mitt romney. mitt romney talks about the economy for 12 effective minutes every single place he goes. rick santorum talks for 65 minutes and by the end are bored
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and they feel bad because he's making fun of his daughters. >> he's also stayed on his message which has been a problem. his message is so off the charts when he's talking about college, when he's talking about the devil. >> and about the snob. >> i believe that he was accidentally annointedded as the anti romney when understood beginning fell by the wayside. >> actually, we just ran out of guys. >> that's the main problem. they're all such bad candidates that the voters keep going not that guy. not that guy either. oh, damn it, i'm out of choices. >> where i thought tonight would be the night where everybody in a limited way comes back to romney and gives up on anybody else. i think that's one of the possible scenarios tonight, not a definite, but one of the things that might come out of tonight. >> we've got some polls closing soon, obviously a huge one in
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ohio. we're going to come back and talk to david shuster in ohio. who's going to win the most amount of delegates tonight? that is something we are going to discuss and give you the numbers and you're looking at newt gingrich headquarters in georgia. icy, cool flavor in a delicious 5-calorie stick of gum. ♪ ♪
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it's super tuesday with live coverage and analysis from keith olberman. >>that's what we're here for. a special edition. countdown, super tuesday, with keith olberman. only on current tv.
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